Sceptrum Limited

Petroleum Trading Services



Trading is at the soul of Sceptrum’s operations. We integrate the complex value chain as one of the major distributors; supplying clients and moving products around the world. Sceptrum bridge gaps between supply and demand chains by taking positions in financial markets that cover our exposures to basis risk in contracts that may negatively expose our clients. In addition to long term supply arrangements with clients, our traders ensure industrial clients have a steady supply of product they need to continue with the smooth daily running of their operations including – physical commodity trading and seek to identify and address short term market imbalances.


SEL procures and markets range of petroleum products to our customers to include Automotive Gas Oil (Diesel), Fuel Oils (LPFO) and Jet A-1 aviation fuel (ATK). It manages specialty businesses in aviation, lubricants, chemicals, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, bitumen and Crude Oil.


At Sceptrum we source, blend, trade, transport and market oil, raw materials and products through an international network of finance, operations and risk management tools. Our marketing includes but is not limited to the distribution of refined products to wholesale clients, international oil corporations and participants in the maritime industry.

It built upon the successful trading of oil and crude products through an efficient and reliable process, which drives us to invest in talent and expertise in new areas to steadily grow into a fully integrated company.

Sceprum’s partners and customers rely on our style because of our track record for properly mitigating risk and being able to formulate creative and effective solutions that supports that grow along their business lines. It operates in Nigeria and Ghana.


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