Sceptrum Limited



We manage a diversified portfolio of oil and products with integrated sourcing, marketing, processing, financing and transportation operations. Our vision is to develop our team with the necessary infrastructure for excellence and swift execution along the chain of our core activities.


We aim to construct state of the art facilities in a bid to empower our terminal business and provide our clients with added value, which translates to our commitment to invest heavily in infrastructure capable of handling future demand in high-energy consumption markets.


Our operations are backed by professionals who have strong backgrounds in trade finance, spot and time charter freight, which provide smooth traffic conducting deliveries and redeliveries.


Sceptrum vision is to build an integrated trading house with producing, refining, transporting, storing and marketing capabilities investing in infrastructure that adds value to our clients and stakeholders.


Sceptrum midterm goal is to setup an indigenous coastline modular refinery and construct Gasoil and Gasoline terminals to support our growing client demands and give comfort to storage concerns.

Operations and Logistics Services

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